About Me


 Hi,I am a mixed media artist, jeweller and general all-around creator of anything my imagination can conjure.

I love to create with most artistic media. Growing up I have dabbled in watercolour, flirted with oils, and messed with all sorts of mixed media. Historically I have a passion for textiles – especially vintage fabrics and traditional techniques.  More recently, I love all things metal and hammer’s, and am fascinated by all things glass – especially when hot and molten.

As you can probably tell – my artistic nature is eclectic – my art practice manic, my thought processes insane, my schedule often frenzied. Its all come to a point of near self-destruction.

So I am now on a mission to discover my true muse… to be more mindful of my creative talents, and to create a more dedicated practice to finding my natural artistic expression.

I hope you’ll join in on my journey…

… and that all will become apparent in the not too distant future…